Teacher: Elshan Nuraddin Nasirov
The First Higher Education: Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics. Russia, 1990
The Second Higher Education: Moscow School of International Law and Higher Business. Russia, 1995
Pedagogical experience in economics: 30 years
Business activity: President of "Ideal" Company (2001), Founder of "Birja-N" Newspaper (2013)
Pedagogical activity: Nakhchivan State University
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Exam questions

1. Conquering Stress and Anxiety through Mind/Body Awareness

2. Critical Thinking and Creative Problem-Solving

3. Personal Effectiveness through Emotional Intelligence

4. Practical Time and Workload Management

5. Continuous Improvement for Superior Results

6. The Art and Science of Evaluating Programs

7. Integrated Business Planning

8. Managing Your Career for Short and Long Term

9. Using Social Media

10. The Time and Stress Management Workshop

11. The Creative Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

12. Managing Projects On-Time, On-Budget

13. Creative Techniques for the Classroom

14. The Conflict Management Workshop

15. Corporate Social Responsibility: Influencing Positive Change in You

16. Professional & Personal Development

17. Facilitation Skills for IT Professionals

18. Gathering and Validationin in in business

19. Influencing Others - Managing Expectations and Outcomes for IT Professionals

20. Skills for Information Technology Professionals

21. Interpersonal & Communication Skills

22. Improving IT Service Response to Business Demands

23. Active Listening Skills

24. Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution

25. Dealing with Difficult People

26. Generations in the Workplace

27. Powerful Negotiation Skills

28. Using Positive Influencing Skills in the Workplace

29. Telephone Skills for Superior Customer Satisfaction

30. Managing the Human Dynamics of Change & Transition

31. Managing Skills for Non-Managers

32. Critical Thinking and Creative Problem-Solving

33. Conducting an Audit

34. Thriving on Change

35. Thriving in a Time of Change: Tools for Working in a Changing Organization

36. People Skills for Project Managers

37. Influencing Others to Achieve Results

38. Advanced Facilitation Skills for Trainers

39. Presenting for Success

40. Managing Change without Pain

41. Five Star Customer Service Excellence

42. Effective Communication and Feedback Skills

43. Negotiation Skills for IT Professionals

44. Presentation Skills for IT Professionals

45. Accent Improvement Training

46. Supervisory & Management Skills

47. Building High-Performing Teams

48. Coaching for a High Performance Team

49. Delegation Skills for the Workplace

50. Making the Transition from Co-Worker to Team Leader

51. Managing for Superior Results. The Fundamentals of Supervision

52. Effective Team Facilitation

53. Managing Individual Performance

54. Integrated Risk Management

55. Managing Change

56. Managing by Metrics

57. Strategically Managing the Training Function

58. Performance Management

59. Masterful Leadership and Motivation

60. Designing Performance-Based Instruction

Additional Topics

61. Designing and Delivering High-Impact Training
62. Delivering Training with Impact
63. Identifying Training Needs
64. Coaching for Performance
65. Technical Leadership: Business, Strategic, and Operational Value
66. Recruitment and Interviewing Techniques for Managers
67. Coaching Skills for the IT Professionals
68. Leadership for IT Professionals
69. Technical & Business Writing
70. Writing Technical Information Effectively
71. Business Writing for Impact and Influence
72. Advanced Workshop for Technical Writers
73. Advanced Business Writing
74. Documenting Business and Technical Requirements
75. Practical English Grammar Skills
76. Writing Strategies for the Web
77. Proofreading and Editing
78. User Guides that Get Used
79. Proposal and Report Writing
80. Proposals with the Competitive Edge
81. Writing Effective Briefing Notes
82. Conducting a Successful User Needs Analysis
83. Writing Technical Descriptions, Requirements & Procedures
84. Writing for the Web and Mobile Devices
85. Business Writing for Managers
86. Social Media for Business
87. Social Networking Strategies & Tactics for Business Success
88. Google Search Strategies & Tactics for Business Success
89. LinkedIn Strategies & Tactics for Business Success
90. Twitter Strategies & Tactics for Business Success
91. Facebook Strategies & Tactics for Business Success
92. Business Analysis, Design & Agility
93. Business Analysis
94. Business Analysis Essentials
95. Business Analysis for IT Professionals
96. Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering
97. High Quality Business Requirements
98. Consulting Skills for the Business Analyst
99. Project Management Skills for the Business Analyst
100. Modeling Techniques for the Business Analyst

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