Teacher: Elshan Nuraddin Nasirov
The First Higher Education: Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics. Russia, 1990
The Second Higher Education: Moscow School of International Law and Higher Business. Russia, 1995
Pedagogical experience in economics: 30 years
Business activity: President of "Ideal" Company (2001), Founder of "Birja-N" Newspaper (2013)
Pedagogical activity: Nakhchivan State University
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Introductory Microeconomics / University of Delhi, Delhi / 2018

Basic Microeconomics / by Professor R. Larry Reynolds, PhD, Boise State University - USA / 2011

Principles of Microeconomics - USA / 2011

Microeconomics. Textbook - Texas Education Agency

Microeconomics. Fourth Edition - The University of Chicago / USA


01. Introduction to Microeconomics      
02. Choice in a World of Scarcity      
03. Supply and Demand      
04. Applications of Supply and Demand      
05. Elasticity      
06. Utility      
07. Production and Costs      
08. Perfect Competition      
09. Monopoly      
10. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly      
11. Public Goods and Externalities      
12. Labor Markets      
13. Income Distribution      
14. Globalization and Trade      
15. Exchange Rates and International Finance      
16. The Problem of Provisioning      
17. Introduction to Ways of Knowing      
18. Individuals and Community & Criteria for Evaluation      
19. Rules of the Game and Economics Systems      
20. Demand and Supply in a Market System      
21. Demand & Consumer Behavior & Optimization of Markets      
22. Pure Competition & Firms with “Market Power”      
23. Production and Cost in Market Structures      
24. Markets for Inputs and Distribution of Income      
25. Property Rights and Markets      
26. Costs and Cost Minimization      
27. Perfectly Competitive Markets      
28. Capturing Surplus      
29. Risk and Information      

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