Müəllim: Nəsirov Elşən Nurəddin oğlu
Birinci Ali Təhsili: N. A. Voznesenskiy adına Leninqrad Maliyyə-İqtisad İnstitutu, 1990
İkinci Ali Təhsili: Moskva Beynəlxalq Hüquq və Ali Biznes Məktəbi, 1995
İngilis dili üzrə pedaqoji təcrübəsi: 30 il
İşgüzar fəaliyyəti: "İdeal" Firmasının Prezidenti (2001), "Birja-N" qəzetinin təsisçisi (2013)
Pedaqoji fəaliyyəti: Naxçıvan Dövlət Universiteti
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Dialogue 1. Meeting New People

Sandra: Hello. My name is Sandra. What’s your name?

Jack: I am Jack. Nice to meet you, Sandra.

Sandra: Glad to see you too, Jack. Are you alone at this party?

Jack: Yes, I am. My friend has fallen ill today and decided to stay at home. And you?

Sandra: Me too. How old are you, Jack?

Jack: I’m 24. And how about you?

Sandra: I’m a bit younger. I am 21.

Jack: Are you from Chicago?

Sandra: No, I’m originally from Alaska. But currently I live here, in Chicago.

Jack: How long have you lived here?

Sandra: I have lived here for 2 years already. And where are you from, Jack?

Jack: I’m from New York and I live there.

Sandra: What do you do there?

Jack: I work as an architect at a design company. And what do you do for a living, Sandra?

Sandra: Well, I am a student. I am going to be a journalist.

Jack: Oh, really! How interesting!

Sandra: Yes. And your job must be very exciting too.

Jack: Yes, you are right, Sandra. I love my job. What do you like doing in your free time?

Sandra: Most of all I like watching movies, playing tennis and I kind of like horse-riding. And what do you do for fun?

Jack: Well. I like travelling, sailing, fishing, and stuff like that. It’s so much fun.

Sandra: Oh, I see. Your lifestyle is quite active.

Jack: Well, it was nice talking to you, but sadly I have to go now. Could I get your phone number, Sandra? Or your e-mail address?

Sandra: Yes, sure, Jack. And are you on Facebook or on Skype?

Jack: Yes, I am on both of them.

Sandra: That’s great!

Dialogue 2. Job Interview

Hirer: Good morning, Miss Jones. So you applied for a job in our team. Am I right?

Jones: Yes, I did. I sent my resume for a position of a restaurant manager.

Hirer: That`s good. I`d like to know a bit more about you. Probably you could tell us about your education first.

Jones: Well, I left school at 17 and then for the next five years I studied at London State University. I graduated the Department of Economics with high honors and was qualified as a manager of enterprise. And after that I did a oneyear computer course.

Hirer: Well. Your education sounds great, Miss Jones. And have you got any experience? Have you worked before?

Jones: Certainly. First I worked as a manager at children’s clothes shop. I stayed there for four years and then I moved on to my present company. They offered me a job of a manager in a big cafe.

Hirer: That`s very interesting. Why aren’t you happy with your present job, Miss Jones? Why are you going to leave them?

Jones: Well. The salary isn’t so bad, I must admit. But the work schedule isn’t convenient for me. And I often do a lot of overtime there. Besides you have an excellent reputation and I hope to have more opportunity and growth potential in your company.

Hirer: I see. Do you mind business trips? And are you fluent in Italian or German?

Jones: Oh, foreign languages are my favorites. We did Italian and German at the University and I use them when I travel.

Hirer: Very good. Can you tell me about your good points then?

Jones: Well… I start my work on time. I learn rather quickly. I am friendly and I am able to work under pressure in a busy company.

Hirer: OK. That’s enough I think. Well, Miss Jones. Thank you very much. I am pleased to talk to you and we shall inform you about the result of our interview in a few days. Good-bye.

Dialogue 3. At the airport

Customer: Hello! Give me a one-way ticket to Seattle and hurry up, please!

Travel agent: No problem. When are you going to leave for Seattle?

Customer: As quickly as you sell me the ticket.

Travel agent: I'm afraid you will not be able to fly there till Tuesday.

Customer: Tuesday? Are you kidding me? My business will be ruined if I don't get to Seattle tomorrow morning!

Travel agent: I'm really sorry but all the departures are delayed because of inclement weather in the state of Washington.

Customer: It's a disaster!

Travel agent: Don't worry, I'll try to help. You are planning to fly to Seattle, aren't you?

Customer: Yes, I am. Haven't you asked?

Travel agent: Let me process your request... Well, flights to Redmond are available. You can fly here and then go to Seattle by bus. It will take you about ten hours.

Customer: It would be great!

Travel agent: There are some first class tickets available to the daytime flight at six p.m.

Customer: Are there any economies? I would prefer to save money.

Travel agent: Yes, there are some. But they are for the nine p.m. departure.

Customer: Then I'll take one first class ticket. Here is my passport.

Travel agent: It costs 550 dollars. By the way, meals are served on the flight. And refreshments are free.

Customer: I don't care. I feel sick travelling by plane. It'd be a great luck for me to fall asleep right after takeoff.

Travel agent: Have you got any bags?

Customer: No, I haven't. Just a small suitcase but I'd like to take it on board with me.

Travel agent: OK, let me weigh it. Everything is fine with your luggage, it weighs about seven pounds. Take your luggage check. What seat would you prefer: aisle or window?

Customer: Aisle, of course. I'm terribly afraid of flying.

Travel agent: Next time book tickets in advance. You are lucky that I've found an appropriate seat.

Customer: I know. I always make reservations. That accident has happened due to my new secretary, a very absent-minded young person.

Travel agent: How will you pay?

Customer: Can I pay with my credit card? I have little cash with me.

Travel agent: Of course, you can. Now your seat is reserved and you have to wait for two hours. Take a seat or visit our duty free. Be on time near the fifth gate. Don't be late for the departure.

Customer: Thanks a lot! I'll bring you an armful of smoked salmon from Seattle!

Travel agent: That sounds a bit strange, but thank you. Have a nice trip!

Dialogue 4. Hotel room

Administrator: Hello, how can I help you?

Guest: Hello. I would like to stay at your hotel.

Administrator: Have you booked the room in advance?

Guest: No, but I hope you will find something for me.

Administrator: Now I'll look. So ... We have several free rooms. There is a suite, there is a single standard and a double economy.

Guest: And what is the cost of the rooms?

Administrator: The suite costs $ 30 per night, the "Standard" room - $ 20 per night, and the "Economy" for two - $ 15 per person.

Guest: I would like to have a single room. I do not want to live with a stranger. I'll take the room for $ 30.

Administrator: Good. We have a room with mountain view, and there is one with a view of the park. Which one would you prefer?

Guest: I really like greenery. I have a beautiful view of the forest from my window at home. And the mountains are not mine. I'm afraid of heights. Give me a room with a view of the park.

Administrator: All right.

Guest: What about food?

Administrator: Breakfast is included in the room price. Standard continental breakfast.

Guest: And where can I have lunch and dinner here?

Administrator: There is a small restaurant on the 1st floor of the hotel. There you can eat at any time.

Guest: Great.

Administrator: If everything suits you, please fill in the application form and write down all the data.

Guest: Here you are. Is it all right?

Administrator: Yes, all is well. Here are the keys to your room. You will be taken to the room and shown how to use the devices.

Guest: Is there a mini bar in the room?

Administrator: Yes, there is. But you need to pay extra for everything there.

Guest: I see. And another question. I need to send a few emails today. Do you have the opportunity to do this?

Administrator: Our hotel has free Wi-Fi. Moreover, we have a business center where you can not only send letters, but also print out everything that you need.

Guest: Great. Thanks for the info.

Administrator: Have a nice rest.

Dialogue 5. Immigration control / Passport control

- Good morning, sir. Can I have your valid passport and your landing card, please?

- Good morning. Here they are.

- OK. Sorry but you are not allowed to use your mobile phone or your camera in this area.

- Sure. No problem.

- Thanks. So... what is the purpose of your visit to the United Kingdom, Mr. Vronsky?

- Tourism and visiting my friends here during my vacation.

- Are you travelling alone?

- Yes.

- Are your friends meeting you?

- Yes. They are waiting outside.

- Do you have a girlfriend here?

- No. They are just my friends.

- How long will you be staying in the UK?

- For two weeks.

- Where will you be staying? Do you have any hotel reservations?

- I’m going to stay at my friend’s place. He lives in an apartment. This is his address in Brighton.

- Are you going to work here?

- No. Just tourism, sightseeing and visiting my friends.

- Do you have a return ticket?

- Yes. It’s for August 15th.

- May I see it?

- Sure. Here it is.

- Thank you. What’s your job?

- I’m a wholesale trader at a building materials warehouse.

- How much money are you bringing?

- I have 3000$ in cash and my credit cards as well. I’m going to cover all my expenses in the country.

- Do you have your recent bank statement with you? May I see it?

- OK. Here you are, sir.

- Have you visited the United Kingdom before?

- No. this is the first time I’ve arrived here.

- Fine. Welcome! And enjoy your stay!

Dialogue 6. At the travel agency. Choosing a hotel

- Good morning! Come in, please, and make yourself comfortable.

- Good morning! I saw your advertisement and I would like to choose a tour for the end of September.

- Yes, we can offer you tours to any country of the world.

- What can you recommend me?

- Are you going by yourself?

- No. I need a trip for three. We are taking our 3-year old baby with us. We’d like to have a good and not very expensive holiday.

- Oh, then I would recommend you to see Paris and Disneyland in September. You can spend unforgettable days there.

- Thank you but we’ve already been to Paris last year.

- I see. How about going to Switzerland, to a skiing-resort in the Alps? Snow, fresh air, beautiful mountains …

- Mmmm. That sounds quite nice but skiing isn’t my cup of tea. Besides, our son is too small for that kind of travelling.

- I agree with you. You’d better go to some warm and exotic place then. How about a tour to Cyprus?

- I think that’s the best idea!

- How long are you planning to stay there? And have you finally determined the dates?

- That would be 2 weeks. From the 25th of September till the 9th of October.

- Let’s have a look at the best hotels of Larnaka in the catalogue. We need to choose a hotel now. And that’s the most important thing, to my mind. How many stars do you want?

- Well, it doesn’t matter. It should be nice for the family with a baby and have all necessary conditions.

- Ok. Let me recommend you this 4-star hotel then. It is new, comfortable and located just near the sandy beach. A lot of our customers with children were satisfied with it and its service.

- The pictures are very attractive. I can see a lot of greenery around the hotel and the rooms are spacious, well-equipped and overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Is there a children’s club there?

- Yes, there is. There is also childcare and a swimming pool for kids with a slide too.

- Is it expensive? How much does it cost?

- They currently offer a good discount and the room in your case will cost only $50 per night. Breakfast is included.

- That’s great! I think we’ll take it.

- OK. Then we need to check if there are tickets available for these flights on the days you mentioned.

Dialogue 7. Calling the police

- Police station. What can I do for you?

- Hi, officer. Please, help. It’s an emergency! Whom should I inform?

- What has happened, sir?

- I need your help immediately!

- Please, calm down! Where are you now? Can you tell me the address?

- I am at the North Market. And I have just been robbed of my wallet. And my passport has been stolen too.

- Right, sir. I’ve sent the squad to the market. They’ll be with you in 5 minutes. When did the pickpocketing happen?

- Well, a couple of minutes ago.

- When did you discover the robbery? Have you seen the thief?

- Yes, I have. I even managed to catch him by hand, but he escaped. The market is too crowded, so he disappeared quite easily.

- So you’ve seen his face and you can describe him to our officer in details. That’s fine.

- Yes, I remember his face. He is about 25 years old, short and slender. Black hair, brown eyes and tattoos on his right arm. Please, officer, catch him. I need my passport and the money. He must be punished.

- Don’t worry, sir. We’ll do our best to find the robber. If there are any witnesses, please, ask them to wait for the police.

- OK, officer.

- Now tell me what has been stolen exactly?

- Well, as I’ve told you: plenty of money, the driving license and my ID.

- What else, apart from that? Any keys?

- No. Fortunately they were in my pocket.

- I see. What about credit cards?

- My god! Yes, he has stolen them too.

- You should cancel your credit cards as soon as possible. Notify your bank right now. And please beware of pickpockets in crowded places.

- OK, officer. Thank you.

Dialogue 8. At the library

- Good morning!

- Hello! Are you looking for a book in particular?

- I’m looking for a specific book titled “Animal Psychology”. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it anywhere in the psychology section.

- I see. Have you already used the computer terminal on this floor?

- I have, in fact. The book is listed in this section but I didn’t find it on the shelves. There are DVDs related to the subject, but I need the book.

- Just a moment, please. Let me check... Well, yes. The book is in our database but somebody has checked it out recently.

- Oh. Don’t you have another copy of it?

- No. Sorry. We have only one copy. And it should be available in 7 days.

- So, I can check again next Tuesday, right?

- That’s right. But you can look for some other books today if you want. Do you have a library card?

- No, I don’t. I want to sign up for it. What do I need for that?

- You have to submit a photo identification and proof of residence. When you find the book you’d like to check out, bring it to the front desk and I’ll explain you how to fill out the library card.

- OK. How long may I have the books checked out?

- You can have our books for 10 days.

- And how much is the fine after that?

- According to our rules, you’ll be charged 20 cents every day you don’t return it after 10 days.

- I see. Thanks a lot. I’ll browse what is available.

Dialogue 9. A trip around the city

- Excuse me, could you tell me how can I find this address?

- Let me have a look… Yes, of course, I know this house.

- Oh, I have luck! I can't find it for two hours.

-Aren’t you a native dweller? Have you come here recently?

-Yes, I’ve come on a mission and I really have to carry out a personal charge.

-This house is not far from mine, that’s why it’s familiar to me. You need take bus number 201.

-Will it take a lot of time to get there?

-No, only four stops. You will get off at “Park Avenue” stop.

-And where shall I do then?

-You will be in front of the crossroad. Go straight along the main road for another two blocks and then turn to the right.

-Shall I cross the road?

- No. Keep always the right side. Next you will see a large store. This is a supermarket. By the way, if you need to buy something, you can surely go there. This is the best shop in that area.

- Thanks for advice. I will certainly do it.

-So, passing by the store, you will see a two-story grey building. This is the house you need. If I'm not mistaken, the entrance is directly opposite the store.

- Thanks a lot! Now I will surely find the address I need!

-Not at all. Can I help you with anything else?

- Yeah, if you can, just tell me where the nearest pharmacy is.

-Are you unwell? Shall I call an ambulance?

- No, thank you, you are so kind. I was a little cold yesterday and today I feel sick. I want to buy some pills for the cold.

-Of course, there's a very good pharmacy not far from here. You will find there everything you need. Just turn left the corner and go for one block. The pharmacy can’t be missed. It’s a small colorful building with a beautiful sign on it.

- Thank you a lot for the help. Good bye.

- Good bye. Good luck.

Dialogue 10. Choosing a Career

Susan: Oh, my God! It’s like a nightmare! The final exams are coming, and I still have not chosen the place to enter.

Jane: Stop to panic. Let's try to determine which profession suits you most of all.

Susan: But how can we do it?

Jane: It's very easy. I will ask you questions, and you will honestly answer them. Then we will analyze and understand what your future profession.

Susan: How do you know all this?

Jane: Have you forgotten? I attend psychology courses once a week. We have recently discussed such problem.

Susan: Really?

Jane: Yes, you will be surprised, but you are not alone to have such a problem.

Susan: That calms me a little. Well, come on, let’s start.

Jane: What kind of work do you prefer: working with people, with animals or with documents?

Susan: I'm afraid of animals, and a little shy to communicate with people. I prefer to work with documents.

Jane: I see. In which subject do you have better grades: math or languages?

Susan: I'm very bad at math, but I like languages. Especially, foreign ones.

Jane: Do you like children?

Susan: Oh, yes. I always play with children when guests come to us. I think they like to spend time with me too.

Jane: Well, even having conducted such a small questioning, it became clear to me that you need to choose a profession that relates to children, languages and documents. For example, an interpreter, a school teacher of foreign language or a kindergarten nurse.

Susan: Well done! Now I have something to think about. Your advice really helped me, thank you!

Jane: Not at all. I was glad to do it.

Dialogue 11. Taking a Taxi

— Hello. “New York Taxi”. Can I help you?

— Hello. Yes, I would like a taxi to come to 64 Grand Avenue at 5 p.m., please.

— OK. And what’s your destination? Where are you going?

— I am going to John Kennedy International airport. It’s terminal 3, please.

— What is your phone number?

— It’s 467 448 632.

— Do you have any cumbersome luggage? How many bags do you have? Shall we send you a minibus?

— Well, I have 2 suitcases and a box. So I have to put it in a big trunk, I’m afraid.

— I see. Your car will be at 5 p.m. sharp, sir. But anyway we shall call you when it arrives.


— Right, sir. The luggage has been loaded. Get in the car, please, and fasten your seat belts. Where are we going?

— First I need to pick up my brother just over the bridge. Is that all right?

— Sure. But an extra stop will be a 10 $ fee.

— That’s fine. Thank you.


— So where are we heading to now? — We are going to the airport. And please, hurry. We are in a rush. I think we may be late for the flight.

— All right. There is a lot of traffic at this time of the day. Terrible traffic jams because of the rush-hour.

— Let’s try to take a highway as soon as possible then.

— OK. I hope it will take us about half an hour to get to the airport. Would you like an air-conditioning?

— No, thanks. Everything is fine.


— Well. Here we are!

— Great. We are lucky! We are on time. How much is it?

— That’s 45 $, please.

— Here you are. Keep the change. Thank you.

— Thanks a lot for the tip. Have a nice flight!

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