Müəllim: Nəsirov Elşən Nurəddin oğlu
Birinci Ali Təhsili: N. A. Voznesenskiy adına Leninqrad Maliyyə-İqtisad İnstitutu, 1990
İkinci Ali Təhsili: Moskva Beynəlxalq Hüquq və Ali Biznes Məktəbi, 1995
İngilis dili üzrə pedaqoji təcrübəsi: 30 il
İşgüzar fəaliyyəti: "İdeal" Firmasının Prezidenti (2001), "Birja-N" qəzetinin təsisçisi (2013)
Pedaqoji fəaliyyəti: Naxçıvan Dövlət Universiteti
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Test 1. Tenses

1. I ____ Sara when I ____.
a) always meet; go to the shop
b) meet always; am going shopping
c) am always meeting; went shopping
d) am always meeting; go shopping

2. By the time she ____ her degree she ____ medicine for five years.
a) got; will study
b) would get; has studied
c) gets; will have been studying
d) will get; will be studying

3. I phoned to explain what ____ but I ___ cut off before I could finish.
a) had happened; was
b) has happened; had
c) happened; ___
d) is happening; have

4. Peter rarely ___ time to visit his parents these days, but he ___ lunch with them tomorrow.
a) had, has
b) is having, will have
c) has, is having
d) has, has had

5. He ___ for forty-five minutes and he was sure he ___ the turn.
a) was driving, didn`t miss
b) had been driving, hadn`t missed
c) drove, hasn`t missed
d) has been driving, hasn`t missed.

6. That`s a wonderful position. The enemy ___ the ship before we ___ fuel.
a) will never find, run out of
b) never finds, will run out of
c) won`t never find, will run out of
d) never finds, run out of

7.The shame he ___ was the worst he ___ in his life.
a) was feeling, knows
b) felt, was known
c) felt, had been knowing
d) felt, had known

8. All the time he ___ in Dallas he ___ in parties and gatherings.
a) had arrived, has been engaged
b) will arrive, had engaged
c) arrived, is engaging
d) had arrived, had been engaged

9.Graham wrote to the local newspaper about some rare birds which he ___ while he ___ in the woods.
a) had seen, had been walking
b) saw, walked
c) had seen, walked
d) saw, had been walking

10. It`s no good ___ to him, he never ___ letters.
a) to write, answered
b) writing, answer
c) write, answers
d) writing, answers

11. My sister ___ interested in medicine ever since she ___ a child.
a) was, has been
b) is, was
c) was, had been
d) has been, was

12. She ___ to see that the purse ___.
a) was surprised, had disappeared
b) was surprising, was disappeared
c) surprised, had been disappeared
d) had been surprised, was disappearing

13. I ___ Tom every day, because we ___ in a choir.
a) saw, sing
b) see, were singing
c) see, sing
d) saw, are singing

14. Englishmen very seldom ___ on the Underground. They prefer ___ their newspapers.
a) talking, reading
b) talk, to read
c) are talking, reading
d) talk, read

15. I`m short of cash, and ___ town tomorrow, so I have to watch what I ___.
a) am leaving, spend
b) leave, was spent
c) will leave, am spending
d) leave, would spent

16.While he ___ in the mountains, Henry ___ a bear.
a) has been walking, was seeing
b) was walking, saw
c) has walked, saw
d) is walking, see

17. They ___ for a house for 6 months before they ___ one they liked.
a) have been looking, found
b) were looking, have found
c) have looked, found
d) had been looking, found

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