Teacher: Elshan Nuraddin Nasirov
The First Higher Education: Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics. Russia, 1990
The Second Higher Education: Moscow School of International Law and Higher Business. Russia, 1995
Pedagogical experience in economics: 30 years
Business activity: President of "Ideal" Company (2001), Founder of "Birja-N" Newspaper (2013)
Pedagogical activity: Nakhchivan State University
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1. Exercises (Possessive Case of Nouns) and Text «I and my foreign friend»    
2. Test Numerals & Translate from Azerbaijani into English    
3. Exercises & Translate from Azerbaijani into English    
4. Test "Articles" & Exercises & Text "My Family"    
5. Test "Articles" & Exercises & Translation & Text "Clothes"    
6. Test "Sequence of Tenses" & Exercises & Translation & Text "The Norman Conquest of England"    
7. Exercises on Tenses    
8. Exercises & Translation Skills    
9. Exercises: Tenses, Pronouns, Articles    
10. Exercises: Translation Skills, Pronouns, Articles    
11. Exercises: Translation Skills, Pronouns, Articles    
12. Exercises: Articles, Prepositions, Translation Skills    
13. Exercises: Direct & Indirect Speech    
14. Exercises: Numerals & Translation Skills    
15. Exercises: Tenses & Numerals & Translation Skills    

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